Low investment, High performance,
Small space occupied.
SJD : NC Roll Feeder
The latest model from Shuang Wei Company !

Roll :
Based on hollow type, it is light weight, small rotary, reduces inertia movement, can be stopped promptly, to ensure feeding accuracy. After heat treated by HRC 60 degree, with hard chrome plating and grinding, with high hardness, with excellent wearing-resistant, less wearing, long life.

Curve Diagram

Suitable for feeding process in different material thickness and length. Suitable for feeding material in high speed and long dimension, to enhance production capacity and feeding accuracy. Simple control panel, with digital push button for feeding length and feeding speed, operator can freely to set digit, it is fast & correct, feeding length range is available from 0.1mm 9999.99 mm. Based on mechanical release , release point is accurate which suitable for long term operation, zero trouble (recommended to use this type) For special environment, available for pneumatic release.

Structure :
With high quality, non-carbon brush servo motor driving, effectively to reduce adjustment of feeding distance and testing time. With high sensitive encoder which feedback accurate, to increase feeding accuracy. With timing belt transmission, to reduce gear tolerance, almost no wearing, without noise, no need lubrication, it is safety and environment friendly. Motor hiding device, to avoid damage in moving & installing.

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